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ConsoleHoster is an application aimed to ease the work with console-based applications. The core functionality of the application is  around the capability of working with multiple console-based applications the same time, opening those within the main window area of the application as individual tabs. Luckily, that’s not the edge where the functionality ends instead it goes much further.

Here is the basic look-and feel of the application, with no configuration:


There are just few things available to the user from this point. The simplest thing here, which will be for interest to any user is the ability to start a simple console window by just clicking the “+” button on the top left corner of the application (right below the File menu). This will immediately open a new Project (console-applications are called projects within the app), representing a simple command prompt (this is similar to just running “cmd.exe” in windows). Here what it will look like as soon as the button will be clicked once:


So this has opened a new tab called Quick Console, which has the following areas: The Output area, command area and the explorer tree.

The output area is where all the input to and output from the project is going to be printed. The command area is used to send commands to the underlying process of the project.

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