Batch files which accept input have formatting issues


If you have a batch file which takes input from the command line, the display is difficult to read.

Using this batch file:
echo off
set /p EntryName=Entry Name:
set /p xUserName=User Name:
set /p Password=Password:
echo "[%EntryName%] User Name: %xUserName% Password: %Password% "

When run in CMD.EXE, the output look like this:
c:\temp>echo off
Entry Name: entry
User Name: username
Password: password

"[entry] User Name: username Password: password "

When run in ConsoleHoster, the output looks like:
c:\temp>echo off
Entry Name: User Name: Password:
"[entry] User Name: username Password: password "

And when entering the input in ConsoleHoster, you can't see the items you've already entered until you're finished and hit Enter for the final time.


mkArtak wrote May 26, 2013 at 1:45 AM


Thanks for reporting the issue.
We'll try to find out whether a resolution is possible with current architecture, and what that will be.