Commands which give % completion look wrong


Some commands, like COPY /Z give a percentage of completion while they run. Those commands scroll in ConsoleHoster so the screen fills up, rather than just a single line.

To repro:
  1. Find a large file on your system. (eg, c:\temp\hugefile.wmv)
  2. In a ConsoleHoster window, type COPY C:\TEMP\HUGEFILE.WMV C:\DELME /Z and press Enter.
While the copy runs, you will see output scrolling across the screen, something like:
1% copied
2% copied
3% copied

Running this same command from CMD.EXE generates 1 line of text:
XX% copied
Where XX updates from 1 to 100 until it's finished.
Closed May 25, 2013 at 1:13 AM by mkArtak
Hi Piscean,

Thanks for contacting me with this.
Due to the chosen design of the ConsoleHoster application, that is the expected way it works. Unfortunately it won't even be a supported scenario, as ConsoleHoster just prints whatever the underlying process sends through it's output stream.
Making it a default way won't work either, as different console apps can be wrapped and run in ConsoleHoster - each having its specifics.

Please feel free to provide me with further feedback you may have.